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2007/02/08 The first and hopefully only release candidate is out. You can find 0.7.7 here. fail2ban-regex has been completely rewritten and accept both log file and filter file. A Cacti template and script are available too. You can see a demo here. Look at the ChangeLog for a list of all changes.

2007/01/19 This wiki is now hosted on a dedicated server. Moreover, I registered fail2ban.org for the project. I upgraded Mediawiki to 1.9.0. I have not migrated everything yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2007/01/05 New pages were created in order to list logging messages of services and discuss appropriated regular expressions. You can find these pages here. Do not hesitate to contribute. We need your help.

2007/01/04 0.7.6 is available. Two major changes: the installation directory moved from /usr/lib/fail2ban to /usr/share/fail2ban and now "failregex" and "ignoreregex" support multiple regular expressions. This release contains a few minor bug fixes. Look at the ChangeLog for more details.