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2006/09/28 A new release is available. 0.7.3 contains two new major features. Fail2ban can now take advantage of Gamin if available and can watch several files in one jail. "logpath" supports wildcards. Look at the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

2006/09/10 0.7.2 is out. This version has some new features like an interactive mode and a date detector. Client output should be more readable too. Look at the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

2006/08/24 The source code documentation (created with Doxygen) is now available here.

2006/08/23 A few critical bugs were found in 0.7.0. A new release is available which should fix them.

2006/08/23 The first release of the new 0.7.x branch is out. You can get it from Subversion or download the source package. This is an almost complete rewrite of Fail2ban. So please do not hesitate to test it and report bugs.

2006/08/07 I have started a document about how to install and test the development branch. It seems that the Sourceforge commit notification script does not want to send e-mails to the mailing list.