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2007/01/05 New pages were created in order to list logging messages of services and discuss appropriated regular expressions. You can find these pages here. Do not hesitate to contribute. We need your help.

2007/01/04 0.7.6 is available. Two major changes: the installation directory moved from /usr/lib/fail2ban to /usr/share/fail2ban and now "failregex" and "ignoreregex" support multiple regular expressions. This release contains a few minor bug fixes. Look at the ChangeLog for more details.

2006/12/11 0.6.2 fixes the vulnerability CVE-2006-6302 and a few other bugs. The Debian packages are not affected by this issue. All 0.7 releases are also safe. The new "locale" option should help fixing bug #1457620. I recommend all 0.6 users upgrade to 0.6.2.

2006/12/07 0.7.5 is out. It contains mainly bug fixes. A new option, "ignoreregex" has been added too. The version seems to be quite stable and the next releases should be release candidates. Documentation still has to be improved. Do not hesitate to contribute. Yaroslav Halchenko, the maintainer of the Debian package, has recently been promoted as an official Debian maintainer. Congratulations and many thanks to him for his work on Fail2ban.