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Fail2ban News

Here you can find news and announcements regarding Fail2ban.

See GitHub Releases for most up-to-date list. Entries below might be outdated

2015/08/01 0.9.3 is a big bugfix and new functionality release. Release Notes for 0.9.3.

2015/04/29 0.9.2 is a big bugfix and new functionality release. Release Notes for 0.9.2.

2014/10/28 0.9.1 is a big bugfix and new functionality release. Release Notes for 0.9.1.

2014/08/19 0.8.14 is a minor bugfix release primarily to fix Python 2.4 compatibility. Release Notes for 0.8.14.


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2014/03/15 0.9.0 is out. Added database and major improvements to filter and action capabilities Release Notes for 0.9.0.

2014/03/15 0.8.13 is a minor release on 0.8.12 to correct filters, actions and improve some error handling in core. Release Notes for 0.8.13.

2014/01/2 0.8.12 is out. Added features flushlogs for improved log rotation and ignorecommand for dynamic ignores. Fixed apache filters that where over tightened last release and added some new filters. For more details see the release notes

2013/11/13 0.8.11 is out. All filter have been tightened due to previous Apache DoS vulnerability. Numerous filters have been fixed to work on more versions of their related programs. see Changelog.

2013/06/12 0.8.10 is out. Addresses possible DoS in apache- filters + adds some enhancements. see Changelog.

2013/05/13 0.8.9 is out. Lots of fixes (e.g. pyinotify) and enhancements (e.g. conf.d/*.conf support).

2012/12/06 0.8.8 is out. Few bug fixes and enhancements (e.g. unbanip).

2012/07/31 is out. Various fixes and enhancements: support of pyinotify, recidive jail etc.

2011/11/28 0.8.6 is out. Various fixes (racing condition etc) and enhancements.

2011/09/28 Development version control switched from SVN to GIT on

2009/09/07 More than 1 year after 0.8.3, here is 0.8.4 and... Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman, new member of Fail2ban development team. Read the announcement.

2008/07/18 Here is a new release of fail2ban. 0.8.3 should fix the famous "Unknown error 514" and the wrong PID in There are a few more fixes and improvements. I have not yet applied all the patches I received. This will be done in a next release.

2008/07/17 I will release 0.8.3 soon but seems to be migrating their services. I have some issues with their subversion repositories at the moment.

2008/03/06 0.8.2 is finally out. This one contains a lot of fixes and new features. So I hope we have not introduced to many bugs. Please read the announcement and take a look at the ChangeLog.

2008/03/01 Most of you have probably seen Fail2ban taking a lot of CPU and disk access on February 29th. We already fixed it and I will release 0.8.2 (which has nice new features) as soon as possible but in the meanwhile, please patch Fail2ban yourself. You will find a patch here. It's Python so no need to compile anything.

2007/08/14 0.8.1 is now available and fixes some security issues in the default configuration files and includes new filters and actions. The "mail" actions are now deprecated and should be replaced with "sendmail" actions. fail2ban-regex now accepts "ignoreregex".

2007/06/07 Daniel B. Cid wrote an article about Attacking Log analysis tools. There is a section that points out a vulnerability in Fail2ban. I strongly recommend that you apply the patch provided in the article. A few weeks ago, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote an article about Fail2ban for Debian Package of the Day.

2007/05/03 I'm proud to announce the release of Fail2ban 0.8.0. This is the first release of the new stable branch. The development of this release has taken about a year and is almost a complete rewrite from 0.6. Please, read the news on

2007/05/01 The wiki has been spammed a lot these days. I have installed ConfirmEdit. I hope this will not disturb legitimate users.

2007/04/19 A new release candidate, 0.7.9, is available. Yaroslav Halchenko fixed a critical bug in the "reload" command. Many thanks to him. If no critical bugs are discovered, I will release 0.8 next week and start working on a new development branch (0.9).

2007/03/21 Here is a new release candidate. A bug in the date detector has been fixed and a few new filters/actions have been added. 0.8 is quite close now.

2007/02/08 The first and hopefully only release candidate is out. You can find 0.7.7 here. fail2ban-regex has been completely rewritten and accept both log file and filter file. A Cacti template and script are available too. You can see a demo here. Look at the ChangeLog for a list of all changes.

2007/01/19 This wiki is now hosted on a dedicated server. Moreover, I registered for the project. I upgraded Mediawiki to 1.9.0. I have not migrated everything yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2007/01/05 New pages were created in order to list logging messages of services and discuss appropriated regular expressions. You can find these pages here. Do not hesitate to contribute. We need your help.

2007/01/04 0.7.6 is available. Two major changes: the installation directory moved from /usr/lib/fail2ban to /usr/share/fail2ban and now "failregex" and "ignoreregex" support multiple regular expressions. This release contains a few minor bug fixes. Look at the ChangeLog for more details.

2006/12/11 0.6.2 fixes the vulnerability CVE-2006-6302 and a few other bugs. The Debian packages are not affected by this issue. All 0.7 releases are also safe. The new "locale" option should help fixing bug #1457620. I recommend all 0.6 users upgrade to 0.6.2.

2006/12/07 0.7.5 is out. It contains mainly bug fixes. A new option, "ignoreregex" has been added too. The version seems to be quite stable and the next releases should be release candidates. Documentation still has to be improved. Do not hesitate to contribute. Yaroslav Halchenko, the maintainer of the Debian package, has recently been promoted as an official Debian maintainer. Congratulations and many thanks to him for his work on Fail2ban.

2006/11/01 You can find the version 0.7.4 here. It contains lots of bug fixes and improvements. Fail2ban should now work with Python 2.5. Please test it and report any issue.

2006/09/28 A new release is available. 0.7.3 contains two new major features. Fail2ban can now take advantage of Gamin if available and can watch several files in one jail. "logpath" supports wildcards. Look at the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

2006/09/10 0.7.2 is out. This version has some new features like an interactive mode and a date detector. Client output should be more readable too. Look at the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

2006/08/24 The source code documentation (created with Doxygen) is now available here.

2006/08/23 A few critical bugs were found in 0.7.0. A new release is available which should fix them.

2006/08/23 The first release of the new 0.7.x branch is out. You can get it from Subversion or download the source package. This is an almost complete rewrite of Fail2ban. So please do not hesitate to test it and report bugs.

2006/08/07 I have started a document about how to install and test the development branch. It seems that the Sourceforge commit notification script does not want to send e-mails to the mailing list.

2006/07/17 I have created a new mailing list fail2ban-commit. Thus, if you want to get commit notifications, please subscribe to this list.

2006/06/26 Fail2ban has moved to Subversion. You can find instructions about using it to checkout Fail2ban from sources here. New developement code has been commited. Important features are still missing but do not hesitate to test it already.

2006/06/09 I moved to Zürich and work now for RUAG Electronics. I don't have an Internet connection at home yet. Should be fixed soon. I'm working on Fail2ban 0.7 so stay tuned...

2006/05/10 Fail2ban website is now powered by MediaWiki. Feel free to improve it.

2006/02/16 Fail2ban 0.6.1 is available. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. Look at the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

2006/02/11 Quite a lot of news: The Art of Web has a great howto, much better than the poor official Fail2ban documentation. Thanks to them. Fail2ban is now marked as stable in Gentoo Portage. Fail2ban 0.6.1 should be release soon. Gentoo users can test the CVS version with this ebuild. I will start the development of Fail2ban 0.7 in March. You can already look at the planned features here. Nightly snapshots are now available here.

2006/01/03 Happy New Year! Markus Hoffmann has created a Fail2ban addon for Ipcop. Many thanks to him.

2005/11/24 Manuel Arostegui Ramirez has written a spanish howto for Fail2ban. Thanks to him.

2005/11/21 Thanks to Jonathan Kamens, RPM for 0.6.0 is available here. Fail2ban 0.6.0 is now in Portage. Gentoo users can emerge it with ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -av fail2ban. Thanks to Marcelo Goes.

2005/11/20 More than 6 months after the first 0.4.x version, a new stable release ( 0.6.0) is available. New features include mail notification, firewall rules in config file, no more log4py dependency, bug fixes, etc. Have a look at the changelog. Many thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko who did a lot of work for this release. It has been well tested and should not contain severe bugs.

2005/11/18 A RPM for 0.5.5 is available here. Thanks to Jonathan Kamens.

2005/10/26 0.5.5 is out. I planned a stable release for september. However, we decided to fix some issues before 0.6. Have a look at the changelog for more informations. I will not promise anymore that this is the last one before stable ;-) Please test it and report any problem. Many thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko who did most of the changes found in this release.

2005/09/13 less than a week after 0.5.3, a new version is out. New features introduced by Debian maintainer, Yaroslav Halchenko, need testing before stable. Please report any issues found in this release.

2005/09/08 version 0.5.3 is available. I hope bug #1256075 is fixed now. This release should be the latest before stable. Please report all the encountered issues.

2005/08/23 Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko, Fail2ban is now in Debian unstable. A new stable version should be released at the beginning of September.

2005/08/06 version 0.5.2 is available. I hope this one will be the latest before stable. Fail2ban does not depend on log4py anymore. It uses the standard logging module available in Python 2.3. More bugs are fixed.

2005/07/23 version 0.5.1 is available. Log targets are set in the configuration file. Thus, fail2ban output can be redirected to STDOUT, STDERR, one or more files and SYSLOG. Now an iptables chain is created for each section. Some bugs found in 0.5.0 should be fixed too. Please do not forget to remove your previous fail2ban-0.4.x installation before upgrading and to update your configuration file.

2005/07/12 version 0.5.0 is available. This is a development release and has not been well tested yet. Lots of new features are included. If you have good firewall commands, please submit them.

2005/07/06 Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko, Fail2Ban has a Debian package. I started to add new features and created the FAIL2BAN-0_5 branch. Firewall rules are now set in the configuration file. Thus, you can create multiple rules for each section. You can checkout the sources from CVS.

2005/06/30 version 0.4.1 is available. It mainly corrects a small bug in textToDNS. The configuration file is more readable now and an initd script is available for Gentoo. I would really appreciate initd scripts for others distributions.

2005/04/24 I'm proud to announce the first stable release (0.4.0) of Fail2Ban. There is only one bug fix since 0.3.1.

2005/03/31 version 0.3.1 is available. It supports DNS lookups and scans big log files quicker than in the previous releases.

2005/03/30 Fail2Ban has a logo. Web site update.

2005/02/24 version 0.3.0 of Fail2Ban is available. There is a lot of changes in this release. Fail2Ban can now look for password failures into several log files.

2005/02/23 first version of this website.

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