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There are 3 channels to find help/support for Fail2Ban. Depending on the level/urgency you might like to use:

Recommended steps to troubleshoot problems

  1. Verify that issue you are experiencing is not already reported on the issue tracker
    1. if known - on the corresponding issue page you might find existing workarounds, or a pull-request to try, or submit a new comment or even a pull request to address the problem
  2. Collect information needed to be shared for effective troubleshooting
    1. Fail2Ban version
      1. if your fail2ban is outdated:
        1. try testing a new release -- the issue might have already being fixed in development
        2. if you can't test for some reason -- read the ChangeLog if no similar issues have been fixed in recent releases
    2. Your configuration (/etc/fail2ban), in particular any customizations you have done
    3. Relevant parts of /var/log/fail2ban.log file, preferably obtained while running fail2ban with loglevel = 4 (set it in [Definition] section of /etc/fail2ban/fail2ban.conf or /etc/fail2ban/fail2ban.local)
  3. If you encountered a bug -- submit a new issue to Issue tracker and provide collected above information
  4. If you just need help with your setup -- report to IRC or the mailing list, once again with the above information

Without providing adequate details you are unlikely to be helped, since noone has a mind reading machine, although some Fail2ban authors are working on it ;-)