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This is the complete ChangeLog which contains changes to the stable and unstable branches.

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Fail2Ban (version 0.8.7)                                              2012/07/31

ver. (2012/07/31) - stable

- Fixes:
  Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [e9762f3] Removed sneaked in comment on sys.path.insert

ver. 0.8.7 (2012/07/31) - stable

- Fixes:
  Tom Hendrikx & Jeremy Olexa
   * [0eaa4c2,444e4ac] Fix Gentoo init script: $opts variable is deprecated.
  Chris Reffett
   * [a018a26] Fixed addBannedIP to add enough failures to trigger a ban,
     rather than just one failure.
  Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [4c76fb3] allow trailing white-spaces in lighttpd-auth.conf
   * [25f1e8d] allow trailing whitespace in few missing it regexes for sshd.conf
   * [ed16ecc] enforce "ip" field returned as str, not unicode so that log
     message stays non-unicode. Close gh-32
   * [b257be4] added %m-%d-%Y pattern + do not add %Y for Feb 29 fix if
     already present in the pattern
   * [47e956b] replace "|" with "_" in ipmasq-ZZZzzz|fail2ban.rul to be
     friend to developers stuck with Windows (Closes gh-66)
   * [80b191c] anchor grep regexp in actioncheck to not match partial names
     of the jails (Closes: #672228) (Thanks Szépe Viktor for the report)
- New features:
  François Boulogne
   * [a7cb20e..] add lighttpd-auth filter/jail
  Lee Clemens & Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [e442503] pyinotify backend (default if backend='auto' and pyinotify
     is available)
   * [d73a71f,3989d24] usedns parameter for the jails to allow disabling
     use of DNS
  Tom Hendrikx
   * [f94a121..] 'recidive' filter/jail to monitor fail2ban.conf to ban
     repeated offenders. Close gh-19
  Xavier Devlamynck
   * [7d465f9..] Add asterisk support
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
   * [de502cf..] allow running fail2ban as non-root user (disabled by
     default) via xt_recent. See doc/run-rootless.txt
- Enhancements
  Lee Clemens
   * [47c03a2] files/nagios - spelling/grammar fixes
   * [b083038] updated Free Software Foundation's address
   * [9092a63] changed TLDs to invalid domains, in accordance with RFC 2606
   * [642d9af,3282f86] reformated printing of jail's name to be consistent
     with init's info messages
   * [3282f86] uniform use of capitalized Jail in the messages
  Leonardo Chiquitto
   * [4502adf] Fix comments in dshield.conf and mynetwatchman.conf
     to reflect code
   * [a7d47e8] Update Free Software Foundation's address
  Petr Voralek
   * [4007751] catch failed ssh logins due to being listed in DenyUsers.
     Close gh-47 (Closes: #669063)
  Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [MANY]    extended and robustified unittests: test different backends
   * [d9248a6] refactored Filter's to avoid duplicate functionality
   * [7821174] direct users to issues on github
   * [d2ffee0..] re-factored fail2ban-regex -- more condensed output by
     default with -v to control verbosity
   * [b4099da] adjusted header for config/*.conf to mention .local and way
     to comment (Thanks Stefano Forli for the note)
   * [6ad55f6] added failregex for wu-ftpd to match against syslog instead
     of DoS-prone auth.log's rhost (Closes: #514239)
   * [2082fee] match possibly present "pam_unix(sshd:auth):" portion for
     sshd filter (Closes: #648020)
  Yehuda Katz & Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [322f53e,bd40cc7] ./DEVELOP -- documentation for developers

ver. 0.8.6 (2011/11/28) - stable
- Fixes:
  Markos Chandras & Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [492d8e5,bd658fc] Use hashlib (instead of deprecated md5) where available
  Robert Trace & Michael Lorant
   * [c48c2b1] gentoo-initd cleanup and fixes: assure /var/run + remove stale
     sock file
  Michael Saavedra
   * [3a58d0e] Lock server's executeCmd to prevent racing among iptables calls:
  Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [3eb5e3b] Allow for trailing spaces in sasl logs
   * [1632244] Stop server-side communication before stopping the
     jails (prevents lockup if actions use fail2ban-client upon
     unban): see
   * [5a2d518] Various changes to reincarnate unittests
  Yehuda Katz
   * Wiki was cleaned from SPAM
- Enhancements:
  Adam Spiers
   * [3152afb] Recognise time-stamped kernel messages
  Guido Bozzetto
   * [713fea6] Added ipmasq rule file to restart fail2ban when iptables are
     wiped out: see
   * [5f23542] Matching of month names in Polish (thanks michaelberg79
     for QA)
  Tom Hendrikx
   * [9fa54cf] Added Date: header for sendmail*.conf actions
  Yaroslav Halchenko & Tom Hendrikx
   * [b52d420..22b7007] <matches> in action files now can be used
     to provide matched loglines which triggered action
  Yaroslav Halchenko
   * [ed0bf3a] Removed duplicate entry for DataCha0s/2\.0 in badbots:
   * [dad91f7] sshd.conf: allow user names to have spaces and
     trailing spaces in the line
   * [a9be451] removed expansions for few Date and Revision SVN keywords
   * [a33135c] set/getFile for -- found in source distribution
     of 0.8.4
   * [fbce415] additional logging while stopping the jails

ver. 0.8.5 (2011/07/28) - stable
- Fix: use addfailregex instead of failregex while processing per-jail
  "failregex" parameter (Fixed Debian bug #635830, LP: #635036). Thanks to
  Marat Khayrullin for the patch and Daniel T Chen for forwarding to
- Fix: use os.path.join to generate full path - fixes includes in configs
  given local filename (5 weeks ago) [yarikoptic]
- Fix: allowed for trailing spaces in proftpd logs
- Fix: escaped () in pure-ftpd filter. Thanks to Teodor
- Fix: allowed space in the trailing of failregex for sasl.conf:
- Fix: use /var/run/fail2ban instead of /tmp for temp files in actions:
- Fix: Tai64N stores time in GMT, needed to convert to local time before
- Fix: disabled named-refused-udp jail entirely with a big fat warning
- Fix: added time module. Bug reported in buanzo's blog:
- Fix: Patch to make log file descriptors cloexec to stop leaking file
  descriptors on fork/exec. Thanks to Jonathan Underwood:
- Enhancement: added author for dovecot filter and pruned unneeded space
  in the regexp
- Enhancement: proftpd filter -- if login failed -- count regardless of the
  reason for failure
- Enhancement: added <chain> to action.d/iptables*. Thanks to Matthijs Kooijman:
- Enhancement: added filter.d/dovecot.conf from Martin Waschbuesch
- Enhancement: made filter.d/apache-overflows.conf catch more:
- Enhancement: added dropbear filter from Francis Russell and Zak B. Elep:
- Enhancement: changed default ignoreip to ignore entire loopback zone (/8):
- Minor: spell-checked jail.conf. Thanks to Christoph Anton Mitterer
- Few minor cosmetic changes

ver. 0.8.4 (2009/09/07) - stable
- Check the inode number for rotation in addition to checking the first line of
  the file. Thanks to Jonathan Kamens. Red Hat #503852. Tracker #2800279.
- Moved the shutdown of the logging subsystem out of Server.quit() to
  the end of Server.start(). Fixes the 'cannot release un-acquired lock'
- Added "Ban IP" command. Thanks to Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman.
- Added two new filters: lighttpd-fastcgi and php-url-fopen.
- Fixed the 'unexpected communication error' problem by means of
  use_poll=False in Python >= 2.6.
- Merged patches from Debian package. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko.
- Use current day and month instead of Jan 1st if both are not available in the
  log. Thanks to Andreas Itzchak Rehberg.
- Try to match the regex even if the line does not contain a valid date/time.
  Described in Debian #491253. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko.
- Added/improved filters and date formats.
- Added actions to report abuse to ISP, DShield and myNetWatchman. Thanks to
  Russell Odom.
- Suse init script. Remove socket file on startup is fail2ban crashed. Thanks to
  Detlef Reichelt.
- Removed begin-line anchor for "standard" timestamp. Fixed Debian bug #500824.
- Added nagios script. Thanks to Sebastian Mueller.
- Added CPanel date format. Thanks to David Collins. Tracker #1967610.
- Improved SASL filter. Thanks to Loic Pefferkorn. Tracker #2310410.
- Added NetBSD ipfilter (ipf command) action. Thanks to Ed Ravin. Tracker
- Added cyrus-imap and sieve filters. Thanks to Jan Wagner. Debian bug #513953.
- Changed <HOST> template to be more restrictive. Debian bug #514163.
- Use timetuple instead of utctimetuple for ISO 8601. Maybe not a 100% correct
  fix but seems to work. Tracker #2500276.
- Made the named-refused regex a bit less restrictive in order to match logs
  with "view". Thanks to Stephen Gildea.
- Fixed maxretry/findtime rate. Many thanks to Christos Psonis. Tracker

ver. 0.8.3 (2008/07/17) - stable
- Process failtickets as long as failmanager is not empty.
- Added "pam-generic" filter and more configuration fixes. Thanks to Yaroslav
- Fixed socket path in redhat and suse init script. Thanks to Jim Wight.
- Fixed PID file while started in daemon mode. Thanks to Christian Jobic who
  submitted a similar patch.
- Fixed "fail2ban-client get <jail> logpath". Bug #1916986.
- Added gssftpd filter. Thanks to Kevin Zembower.
- Added "Day/Month/Year Hour:Minute:Second" date template. Thanks to Dennis
- Fixed ignoreregex processing in fail2ban-client. Thanks to René Berber.
- Added ISO 8601 date/time format.
- Added and changed some logging level and messages.
- Added missing ignoreregex to filters. Thanks to Klaus Lehmann.
- Use poll instead of select in asyncore.loop. This should solve the "Unknown
  error 514". Thanks to Michael Geiger and Klaus Lehmann.

ver. 0.8.2 (2008/03/06) - stable
- Fixed named filter. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Fixed wrong path for apache-auth in jail.conf. Thanks to Vincent Deffontaines
- Fixed timezone bug with epoch date template. Thanks to Michael Hanselmann
- Added "full line failregex" patch. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko. It will be
  possible to create stronger failregex against log injection
- Fixed ipfw action script. Thanks to Nick Munger
- Removed date from logging message when using SYSLOG. Thanks to Iain Lea
- Fixed "ignore IPs". Only the first value was taken into account. Thanks to
  Adrien Clerc
- Moved socket to /var/run/fail2ban.
- Rewrote the communication server.
- Refactoring. Reduced number of files.
- Removed Python 2.4. Minimum required version is now Python 2.3.
- New log rotation detection algorithm.
- Print monitored files in status.
- Create a PID file in /var/run/fail2ban/. Thanks to Julien Perez.
- Fixed "Feb 29" bug. Thanks to James Andrewartha who pointed this out. Thanks
  to Yaroslav Halchenko for the fix.
- "reload <jail>" reloads a single jail and the parameters in fail2ban.conf.
- Added Mac OS/X startup script. Thanks to Bill Heaton.
- Absorbed some Debian patches. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko.
- Replaced "echo" with "printf" in actions. Fix #1839673
- Replaced "reject" with "drop" in shorwall action. Fix #1854875
- Fixed Debian bug #456567, #468477, #462060, #461426
- readline is now optional in fail2ban-client (not needed in fail2ban-server).

ver. 0.8.1 (2007/08/14) - stable
- Fixed vulnerability in sshd.conf. Thanks to Daniel B. Cid
- Expand <HOST> in ignoreregex. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Improved regular expressions. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko and others
- Added sendmail actions. The action started with "mail" are now deprecated.
  Thanks to Raphaël Marichez
- Added "ignoreregex" support to fail2ban-regex
- Updated suse-initd and added it to MANIFEST. Thanks to Christian Rauch
- Tightening up the pid check in redhat-initd. Thanks to David Nutter
- Added webmin authentication filter. Thanks to Guillaume Delvit
- Removed textToDns() which is not required anymore. Thanks to Yaroslav
- Added new action iptables-allports. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added "named" date format to date detector. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added filter file for named (bind9). Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Fixed vsftpd filter. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko

ver. 0.8.0 (2007/05/03) - stable
- Fixed RedHat init script. Thanks to Jonathan Underwood
- Added Solaris 10 files. Thanks to Hanno 'Rince' Wagner

ver. 0.7.9 (2007/04/19) - release candidate
- Close opened handlers. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Fixed "reload" bug. Many many thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added date format for asctime without year
- Modified filters config. Thanks to Michael C. Haller
- Fixed a small bug in mail-buffered.conf

ver. 0.7.8 (2007/03/21) - release candidate
- Fixed asctime pattern in
- Added new filters/actions. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added Suse init script and modified gentoo-initd. Thanks to Christian Rauch
- Moved every locking statements in a try..finally block

ver. 0.7.7 (2007/02/08) - release candidate
- Added signal handling in fail2ban-client
- Added a wonderful visual effect when waiting on the server
- fail2ban-client returns an error code if configuration is not valid
- Added new filters/actions. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Call Python interpreter directly (instead of using "env")
- Added file support to fail2ban-regex. Benchmark feature has been removed
- Added cacti script and template.
- Added IP list in "status <JAIL>". Thanks to Eric Gerbier

ver. 0.7.6 (2007/01/04) - beta
- Added a "sleep 1" in redhat-initd. Thanks to Jim Wight
- Use /dev/log for SYSLOG output. Thanks to Joerg Sommrey
- Use numeric output for iptables in "actioncheck"
- Fixed removal of host in hosts.deny. Thanks to René Berber
- Added new date format (2006-12-21 06:43:20) and Exim4 filter. Thanks to mEDI
- Several "failregex" and "ignoreregex" are now accepted. Creation of rules
  should be easier now.
- Added license in COPYING. Thanks to Axel Thimm
- Allow comma in action options. The value of the option must be escaped with "
  or '. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Now Fail2ban goes in /usr/share/fail2ban instead of /usr/lib/fail2ban. This is
  more compliant with FHS. Thanks to Axel Thimm and Yaroslav Halchenko

ver. 0.7.5 (2006/12/07) - beta
- Do not ban a host that is currently banned. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- The supported tags in "action(un)ban" are <ip>, <failures> and <time>
- Fixed refactoring bug (getLastcommand -> getLastAction)
- Added option "ignoreregex" in filter scripts and jail.conf. Feature Request
- Fixed a bug in user defined time regex/pattern
- Improved documentation
- Moved and to common/
- Merged "maxtime" option with "findtime"
- Added "<HOST>" tag support in failregex which matches default IP
  address/hostname. "(?P<host>\S)" is still valid and supported
- Fixed exception when calling fail2ban-server with unknown option
- Fixed Debian bug 400162. The "socket" option is now handled correctly by
- Fixed RedHat init script. Thanks to Justin Shore
- Changed timeout to 30 secondes before assuming the server cannot be started.
  Thanks to Joël Bertrand

ver. 0.7.4 (2006/11/01) - beta
- Improved configuration files. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added man page for "fail2ban-regex"
- Moved ban/unban messages from "info" level to "warn"
- Added "-s" option to specify the socket path and "socket" option in
- Added "backend" option in "jail.conf"
- Added more filters/actions and jail samples. Thanks to Nick Munger, Christoph
- Improved testing framework
- Fixed a bug in the return code handling of the executed commands. Thanks to
  Yaroslav Halchenko
- Signal handling. There is a bug with join() and signal in Python
- Better debugging output for "fail2ban-regex"
- Added support for more date format
- cPickle does not work with Python 2.5. Use pickle instead (performance is not
  a problem in our case)

ver. 0.7.3 (2006/09/28) - beta
- Added man pages. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added wildcard support for "logpath"
- Added Gamin (file and directory monitoring system) support
- (Re)added "ignoreip" option
- Added more concurrency protection
- First attempt at solving bug #1457620 (locale issue)
- Performance improvements
- (Re)added permanent banning with banTime < 0
- Added DNS support to "ignoreip". Feature Request #1285859

ver. 0.7.2 (2006/09/10) - beta
- Refactoring and code cleanup
- Improved client output
- Added more get/set commands
- Added more configuration templates
- Removed "logpath" and "maxretry" from filter templates. They must be defined
  in jail.conf now
- Added interactive mode. Use "-i"
- Added a date detector. "timeregex" and "timepattern" are no more needed
- Added "fail2ban-regex". This is a tool to help finding "failregex"
- Improved server communication. Start a new thread for each incoming request.
  Fail2ban is not really thread-safe yet

ver. 0.7.1 (2006/08/23) - alpha
- Fixed daemon mode bug
- Added Gentoo init.d script
- Fixed path bug when trying to start "fail2ban-server"
- Fixed reload command

ver. 0.7.0 (2006/08/23) - alpha
- Almost a complete rewrite :) Fail2ban design is really better (IMHO). There is
  a lot of new features
- Client/Server architecture
- Multithreading. Each jail has its own threads: one for the log reading and
  another for the actions
- Execute several actions
- Split configuration files. They are more readable and easy to use
- failregex uses group (<host>) now. This feature was already present in the
  Debian package
- lots of things...

ver. 0.6.1 (2006/03/16) - stable
- Added permanent banning. Set banTime to a negative value to enable this
  feature (-1 is perfect). Thanks to Mannone
- Fixed locale bug. Thanks to Fernando José
- Fixed crash when time format does not match data
- Propagated patch from Debian to fix fail2ban search path addition to the path
  search list: now it is added first. Thanks to Nick Craig-Wood
- Added SMTP authentification for mail notification. Thanks to Markus Hoffmann
- Removed debug mode as it is confusing for people
- Added parsing of timestamp in TAI64N format (#1275325). Thanks to Mark
- Added patch #1382936 (Default formatted syslog logging). Thanks to Patrick
- Removed from ignoreip. Attacks could also come from the local
- Robust startup: if iptables module does not get fully initialized after
  startup of fail2ban, fail2ban will do "maxreinit" attempts to initialize its
  own firewall. It will sleep between attempts for "polltime" number of seconds
  (closes Debian: #334272). Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added "interpolations" in fail2ban.conf. This is provided by the ConfigParser
  module. Old configuration files still work. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added initial support for hosts.deny and shorewall. Need more testing. Please
  test. Thanks to kojiro from Gentoo forum for hosts.deny support
- Added support for vsftpd. Thanks to zugeschmiert

ver. 0.6.0 (2005/11/20) - stable
- Propagated patches introduced by Debian maintainer (Yaroslav Halchenko):
  * Added an option to report local time (including timezone) or GMT in mail

ver. 0.5.5 (2005/10/26) - beta
- Propagated patches introduced by Debian maintainer (Yaroslav Halchenko):
  * Introduced fwcheck option to verify consistency of the chains. Implemented
    automatic restart of fail2ban main function in case check of fwban or
    fwunban command failed (closes: #329163, #331695). (Introduced patch was
    further adjusted by upstream author).
  * Added -f command line parameter for [findtime].
  * Added a cleanup of firewall rules on emergency shutdown when unknown
    exception is catched.
  * Fail2ban should not crash now if a wrong file name is specified in config.
  * reordered code a bit so that log targets are setup right after background
    and then only loglevel (verbose, debug) is processed, so the warning could
    be seen in the logs
  * Added a keyword <section> in parsing of the subject and the body of an email
    sent out by fail2ban (closes: #330311)

ver. 0.5.4 (2005/09/13) - beta
- Fixed bug #1286222.
- Propagated patches introduced by Debian maintainer (Yaroslav Halchenko):
  * Fixed handling of SYSLOG logging target. Now it can log to any SYSLOG target
    and facility as directed by the config
  * Format of SYSLOG entries fixed to look closer to standard
  * Fixed errata in config/gentoo-confd
  * Introduced findtime configuration variable to control the lifetime of caught
    "failed" log entries
ver. 0.5.3 (2005/09/08) - beta
- Fixed a bug when overriding "maxfailures" or "bantime". Thanks to Yaroslav
- Added more debug output if an error occurs when sending mail. Thanks to
  Stephen Gildea
- Renamed "maxretry" to "maxfailures" and changed default value to 5. Thanks to
  Stephen Gildea
- Hopefully fixed bug #1256075
- Fixed bug #1262345
- Fixed exception handling in PIDLock
- Removed warning when using "-V" or "-h" with no config file. Thanks to
  Yaroslav Halchenko
- Removed "-i eth0" from config file. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko

ver. 0.5.2 (2005/08/06) - beta
- Better PID lock file handling. Should close #1239562
- Added man pages
- Removed log4py dependency. Use logging module instead
- "maxretry" and "bantime" can be overridden in each section
- Fixed bug #1246278 (excessive memory usage)
- Fixed crash on wrong option value in configuration file
- Changed custom chains to lowercase

ver. 0.5.1 (2005/07/23) - beta
- Fixed bugs #1241756, #1239557
- Added log targets in configuration file. Removed -l option
- Changed iptables rules in order to create a separated chain for each section
- Fixed static banList in
- Added an initd script for Debian. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Check for obsolete files after install

ver. 0.5.0 (2005/07/12) - beta
- Added support for CIDR mask in ignoreip
- Added mail notification support
- Fixed bug #1234699
- Added tags replacement in rules definition. Should allow a clean solution for
  Feature Request #1229479
- Removed "interface" and "firewall" options
- Added start and end commands in the configuration file. Thanks to Yaroslav
- Added firewall rules definition in the configuration file
- Cleaned
- Added an initd script for RedHat/Fedora. Thanks to Andrey G. Grozin

ver. 0.4.1 (2005/06/30) - stable
- Fixed textToDNS method which generated wrong matches for "rhost=12-xyz...".
  Thanks to Tom Pike
- fail2ban.conf modified for readability. Thanks to Iain Lea
- Added an initd script for Gentoo
- Changed default PID lock file location from /tmp to /var/run

ver. 0.4.0 (2005/04/24) - stable
- Fixed textToDNS which did not recognize strings like

ver. 0.3.1 (2005/03/31) - beta
- Corrected level of messages
- Added DNS lookup support
- Improved parsing speed. Only parse the new log messages
- Added a second verbose level (-vv)

ver. 0.3.0 (2005/02/24) - beta
- Re-writting of parts of the code in order to handle several log files with
  different rules
- Removed because it is no more needed
- Fixed a bug when exiting with IP in the ban list
- Added PID lock file
- Improved some parts of the code
- Added ipfw-start-rule option (thanks to Robert Edeker)
- Added -k option which kills a currently running Fail2Ban

ver. 0.1.2 (2004/11/21) - beta
- Add ipfw and ipfwadm support. The rules are taken from BlockIt. Thanks to
  Robert Edeker
- Add -e option which allows to set the interface. Thanks to Robert Edeker who
  reminded me this
- Small code cleaning

ver. 0.1.1 (2004/10/23) - beta
- Add SIGTERM handler in order to exit nicely when in daemon mode
- Add -r option which allows to set the maximum number of login failures
- Remove the Metalog class as the log file are not so syslog daemon specific
- Rewrite log reader to be service centered. Sshd support added. Match "Failed
  password" and "Illegal user"
- Add /etc/fail2ban.conf configuration support
- Code documentation

ver. 0.1.0 (2004/10/12) - alpha
- Initial release