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2008/03/06 0.8.2 is finally out. This one contains a lot of fixes and new features. So I hope we have not introduced to many bugs. Please read the announcement and take a look at the ChangeLog.

2008/03/01 Most of you have probably seen Fail2ban taking a lot of CPU and disk access on February 29th. We already fixed it and I will release 0.8.2 (which has nice new features) as soon as possible but in the meanwhile, please patch Fail2ban yourself. You will find a patch here. It's Python so no need to compile anything.

2007/08/14 0.8.1 is now available and fixes some security issues in the default configuration files and includes new filters and actions. The "mail" actions are now deprecated and should be replaced with "sendmail" actions. fail2ban-regex now accepts "ignoreregex".