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I am running Centos 3.7 which includes Python 2.2.3. I tried to run fail2ban but it failed trying to export logging. I have searched for info on upgrading to Python 2.4 but have not found a method for doing so without a lot of work, because of the system dependencies on Python. Is it possible to port fail2ban to run on Python 2.2.3 ? And can someone do that ? If not, does someone know of an application similar to fail2ban that will run on Centos 3.7 ?

Fail2ban and logwatch scripts on FC5

Just loaded 0.7.4 on a Fedora core 5 box running Python 2.4.3. Fail2ban won't start unless forced to do so... Also installed the logwatch scripts I've tried the 5.x and 7.x scripts both break logwatch, I even tried the Debian scripts that seemed to work for a day. I run sendmail and the 'art of web' site instuctions worked well for failregex stuff, still having a problem converting the vsftp-notification example in jail.conf into banning ip's. Any suggestions or config examples would be appreciated, I may just try a stable rpm, but I like how the filter's are pluggable in this version.

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