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Here is a list of the main features available in Fail2ban.

  • Highly configurable.
  • Parses log files and looks for given patterns.
  • Executes a command when a pattern has be detected for the same IP address for more than X times. X can be changed.
  • After a given amount of time, executes another command in order to unban the IP address.
  • Uses Netfilter/Iptables by default but can also use TCP Wrapper (/etc/hosts.deny) or others firewalls.
  • Handles log files rotation.
  • Can handle more than one service (sshd, apache, vsftpd, etc).
  • Resolves DNS hostname to IP address.
  • Can send e-mail notifications.
  • Runs as a daemon.
  • Multiple logging targets (syslog daemon, stdout, stderr, files).