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We only provide source tarballs. Fail2ban is written in Python, thus no compilation is required. You can even run Fail2ban without installing it.

Sources The official releases are available here.
Snapshots Nightly snapshots are available here.


Fail2ban is also already packaged for most distributions by contributors. Many thanks to all of them.

Gentoo Packages are in Portage.
Debian Packages are available here. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
Ubuntu Packages are available here.
Fedora Extras RPMs are available here.
ATrpms/Fedora Extras RPMs are available here. Thanks to Axel Thimm
RedHat/Fedora RPMs are available here. Thanks to Jonathan Kamens and Nils Breunese
Gral Linux RPMs are available here. These RPMs can be used on Centos 3 and RHAS 3 too.
Ipcop Addon is available here. Thanks to Markus Hoffmann
Mandriva RPMs are available here or in any Mandriva cooker distribution. Thanks to Tomasz Pawel Gajc
SUSE RPMs are available here. Thanks to Christian Rauch
ArchLinux Package is available in AUR.